What the hell do I want to write about? I’m just not feeling it today. Maybe it’s the constant exposure to tribute stories and recounting of rescues and images of lost homes that have me burned out. Our house was luckier than most. we made it through the storm without ever losing power, water, or WiFi. I’m not bragging. I’m just relieved. And mildly guilt-stricken. There are a lot of those that don’t have a home anymore. I’ve seen that firsthand.

When the storm made landfall in the southern part of Texas, we turned on the news and watched the Weather Channel guy do his usual shenanigans in the middle of the storm. I will never understand the need to have someone report from OUTSIDE during an active hurricane. We know it’s windy. We know it’s rainy. It’s a motherflippin hurricane. You don’t need to stand in that shit for visual effect. We get it. However, we made sure to bring the girls into the living room so they could see the dangers of a hurricane and how serious they are. We also let them watch the Weather Channel guy for comic relief. One of the other things we emphasized to our kids, especially when we said the blessing at the dinner table, was that there were many families who wouldn’t be able to sit down to dinner together in their homes for a long time. We tried to make them understand that there were a lot of kids that no longer had toys or nice pajamas or princess beds.

That night, we performed our usual bedtime prayer ritual with the girls. They got in their pajamas, brushed their teeth, et cetera et cetera. Then they all sat on Kaylee’s bed and said their prayers. One of the things that we’ve done for a while now is to ask the girls to name three things they are thankful for. Now, normally when this part of prayer time comes we get what I see as “standard” answers. The girls have a group of about ten or twelve different things they pick from that they say they are thankful for. It’s the usual stuff like their pets, their toys, Mommy, Daddy. I’m not saying they’re lying about being thankful for those things. I’m saying Amanda and I have come to expect their answers to be selected from a familiar cache. That night, however, they decided to flip the script on us. The two older girls didn’t just answer the question. They talked about what they were thankful for and why. They expressed genuine gratitude for the life they had and true concern for those who had been affected. It was a moment of maturity in our two oldest daughters that Amanda and I weren’t ready for but welcomed with surprised pride.

Lucy, our third child, was thankful for fruit snacks, her puppy pillow, and pull-ups. 

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